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Send Profiles to Notion Database

Send LinkedIn profiles to Notion Database with a single click. No more manual copy-pasting or switching between tabs. With Send To Notion, you can streamline your workflow and save time.

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    Manage them in Notion with our CRM template

    Our CRM template is designed to help you manage profiles, contacts, reachouts, and more. It is a comprehensive Notion template that empowers you to manage your LinkedIn data effectively.

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      Master Your LinkedIn Game

      Our comprehensive Notion template designed to empower you to manage profiles, contacts, reachouts, and more.

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      Send Data in One Click

      Send LinkedIn Profiles to your Notion Database with just one click, simplifying the process of managing your professional connections. Our upcoming feature, the email finder data enrichment, promises to further enhance your networking capabilities by seamlessly integrating valuable contact information.

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      Notion CRM Template

      Our Notion CRM template offers customizable features for managing LinkedIn contacts, adaptable to various needs such as ATS tracking, investor relations, and sales prospecting. It provides a flexible platform for organizing professional connections, streamlining recruitment, investment, and sales processes.

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